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Write smart emails with your company intelligence

We combine AI and human touch to help you send emails at hyperspeed.

Hypertype is
Not another complex tool, download Hypertype and all is done for you automatically
Hypertype is
Real Time
Hyperbrain is always giving you real-time information based on your team’s knowledge
Hypertype is
10 brains are better than 1 - gather your entire team’s knowledge and learn from each other
Hypertype thinks
Keyword Search is Ancient
Your time is precious. Why perform manual work trying to find relevant information when Hyperbrain can do it for you?

Detect meaning
in your

Hyperbrain understands the context
of any texts within your company.

Sync your data with one click

Automate all of your previous emails and work documents with the click of a button. All that content is then collected and displayed in your personal dashboard.

Sit back and relax,
let the AI work for you

You can edit the response, you can see how many people have used it, where it comes from etc.

See the power of AI deliver the information you need.

work smarter, not harder.

Email Sucks

13 hours are wasted on managing emails per week
306 billion emails are sent and received each day
36 emails sent per person per day


Be in control of
your company
knowledge base.

Manage your templates, most used Q&A and
edit answers in the Hypertype dashboard.

Created with only data from
your organization!

How it works

We harness the power of Natural Language Processing to extract and select the most relevant past emails from your team.We show you the information you lack without the need to search for it. Hyperbrain combines AI and human touch to achieve personalized replies specific for your company.
Unlock your
untapped information

The lack of knowledge sharing, costs companies millions each year, destroys productivity and causes employee frustration and demotivation. Today, 60% of companies ignore customer service emails and only 20% are able to answer questions in full on the first reply.

Why? Because of a lack of information. By leveraging the power of AI, we can unlock the untapped information trapped in historical text in the company and provide the information you need.


Flags representing supported languages

The model we are building the Hyperbrain with supports up to 110 languages, sign up to our waitlist to know when it will be available for you and your team.

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